The History

Hazrat Gausul Azam Maizbhandari Shah Sufi Moulana Syed Ahmadullah (Hazrat Kebla Kaba):

Hazrat Kebla Kaba was born on 15th January, 1826; corresponding to 1st Magh of 1313 Bangla Calendar Year. A renowned religious scholar and spiritual leader Hazrat Mohiuddin Ibn Arabi predicted the birth of HazratKebla Kaba even 586 years before his birth.

He also predicted that the whole world would be enlightened by the knowledge and spiritual power of Hazrat kebla Kaba.

Soon after the birth of Hazrat Kebla Kaba, his father was directed by the Prophet Muhammad to name his son as 'Ahmed Ullah'. Upon completion of secondary education in Chittagong, Hazrat Kebla Kaba joined Calcutta Alia Madrasha in India for his higher studies in Islamic religion and philosophy.

Throughout his academic life, Hazrat Kebla Kaba demonstrated his utmost brilliance and unique ability, which could not be achieved without the highest level of spiritual competence bestowed by Allah himself.

Upon completion of his studies, Hazrat Kebla Kaba took up the job of Jessore District Judge but a year later; he resigned at his own will. He then accepted a teaching position in a religious college in Calcutta. Along with this assignment, Hazrat Kebla Kaba engaged himself preaching the teachings of Islam among the people, and addressing public in religious gatherings.

During his stay in Calcutta, Hazrat Kebla Kaba came with the close connection of two great religious scholars and high-powered spiritual personalities Shah Sufi Hazrat Abu Shahama Muhammad Saleh Al-Quaderi Lahori and Kutubul Aktab Shah Sufi Hazrat Delwar Ali Pakbaz.

Hazrat Kebla Kaba got blessings from these two towering personalities and broadened his spiritual domain for the well being of the whole world. Since then, his concentration in religious and spiritual activities has increased tremendously.

He devoted most of his time in the meditation of Allah. After few years of staying in Calcutta, Hazrat Kebla Kaba came back home. At the age of 32, Hazrat got married, but even after his marriage, instead of devoting in worldly affairs, he concentrated more on Allah's meditation.

Through this meditation he used to grasp the mystery of Almighty's creation and tried to understand the true sense and spirit of humanity. Over the time, the issue of Hazrat Kebla Kaba's spiritual endowment had been gradually known among the people at home and abroad.

People from all walks of life started coming to him for his spiritual blessing. Within a short span of time, the name of Maizbhandar Sharif was spread as the centre for peace and pilgrimage for the people, irrespective of their status and position in the society. Hazrat Kebla Kaba used to give patient hearings to everyone who came to him and solved their problems through his spiritual blessings.

Through these events, (in the Sufi Language such mysterious events are termed as "Karamat") perhaps, the Allah, Himself wanted to make the spiritual power and attainment of Hazrat Kebla Kaba public for the greater well-being of the entire universe.

Only few "Karamats" are being documented, but many of them are not even known. He saved people from various miseries, showed the path of Allah, and blessed many with his magnanimous spiritual power. Hazrat Kebla Kaba never opted for any worldly gain or fame.

On the contrary, throughout his life he directed all his activities for guiding the people in the right path and ensuring a continuous betterment of humanity. That's why people from every sphere of the society spontaneously used to come for his blessings.

Dedicating his life for the cause of Allah and humanity, as per the desire of Allah, Hazrat Kebla Kaba left this world on 23rd January, 1906, corresponding to 10th Magh of 1313 of Bengali Calendar Year. Countless devotees gather on this day every year in Maizbhandar Sharif to rejuvenate their minds and seek blessings of Allah.

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Hazrat Shah Sufi Moulana Syed Golamur Rahman (Baba Bhandari):

After Gaus-ul-Azam Shah Sufi Moulana Syed Ahmadullah established the order his nephew Gaus-ul-Azam Hazarat Syed Golamur Rahman took the order to its pinnacle height in terms of manifestation.

Gaus-ul-Azam Hazarat Syed Golamur Rahman was born on Monday, the 10th of January 1865. His father was Syed Abdul Karim, the youngest son of Syed Mati Ullah Shah. His mother's name was Syeda Musharaf Jaan. Even before his brith, Gaus-ul-Azam Hazarat Syed Ahmed Ullah (R.A.) predicted to his brother's wife that she would be the mother of Peerane-Peer.

Not to speak, this prediction came to be true. Shah Sufi Maulana Syed Golamur Rahman Al Hasani Wal Hussaini, better knon as Baba (Father) Bhandari, nephew of Moulana Syed Ahmadullah Al Hassani Wal Hussaini, worked as a dynamo in spreading our Order and taught his disciples that one is not bound by custom, tradition, race, personal or social ideologies, yet capable of changing the course of human destiny.

The focus of his spiritual education is to train the individuals to know their true personality and inner values through inward training, leading to healthier relationships among human beings.

Gaus-ul-Azam Baba Bhandari received his education in different madrasha in childhood. Afterward he got himself admitted into Government Madrasha in Chittagong city. in student life too, he was reticent, introspective and he spent most of his time in the meditation of God.

Very often, he intended to go into the contiguity of Gaus-ul-Azam Hazarat Syed Ahmed Ullah (R). He wrote a munajat (Prayer) in Persian language while he was a student of Jamat-e-Siyum.Baba Bhandari was installed by Hazrat Kebla Kaba himself in his own spiritual domain to carry on the torch of Maizbhandari Philosophy. This great saint had portrayed his life with the true spirit of the Islamic teachings and rare humanitarian virtues. Hazrat Shah Sufi Moulana Syed Golamur Rahman (Baba Bhandari) was born on 10th January 1865, corresponding to 27th Ashwin of 1270 Bengali Calendar Year.

Since his childhood, he showed extra-ordinary behaviour, which used to attract people's attention and had made him different from any other child. It should be mentioned that before the birth of Baba Bhandari, Hazrat Gausul Azam Maizbhandari Shah Sufi Moulana Syed Ahmed Ullah (Hazrat Kebla Kaba) once called the mother of Baba Bhandari as "the mother of Peerane-Peer" (the word "Peerane-Peer" connotes the meaning of "Saint of all saints"). With the birth of Baba Bhandari, the parent thanked Allah for this heavenly gift and prayed to Him for materialisation of Hazrat Kebla Kaba's sacred saying. After seven days of his birth, Baba Bhandari was brought to Hazrat Kebla Kaba who took the new born baby in his hand and pronounced: "This boy is the rose of my garden. He has got the complexion and beautiful appearance of Hazrat Eusuf (AS). Look after him. I name him Golamur Rahman". Soon after the birth of Baba Bhandari, there were signs of tremendous improvement in his parent's family and miraculously the family's financial situation had improved. This was perhaps the first visible manifestation that the new born was truly blessed by the Almighty Allah and He Himself entrusted the responsibility of guiding the people in the path of welfare, as per the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. Since his childhood, Baba Bhandari was highly particular with religious activities, including prayers, fasting, and reading Quran and Hadith. He was first given the Quranic lesson by his own uncle and spiritual guide - Hazrat Kebla Kaba. Baba Bhandari started his basic education in a local religious school and later continued his higher studies in the Chittagong Government Madrasha - a religious college in Chittagong City. Throughout his academic life, Baba Bhandari demonstrated his utmost brilliance and devoted himself in understanding the underpinnings of the holy Quran and Sunnah.

Since his early childhood, he always preferred to be present in front of Hazrat Kebla Kaba. Sometimes Baba Bhandari used to stand on feet for the whole night in front of Hazrat. At the persuasion of his parent or relations, sometimes Baba Bhandari used to go back to his home but at the earliest possible opportunity he used to come back to his spiritual guide Hazrat Kebla Kaba. Being in such close association with Hazrat Kebla Kaba, and through his robust devotion; Baba Bhandari attained the highest level of spiritual power. Since his early age, Baba Bhandari used to go for meditation. When he used to take the herd of cattle to tend in the field, he used to tell them: "Don't destroy anybody's crop". This advice to the cattle acted as such that they never encroached upon anybody's crop area. In the meantime, he used to get engulfed in deep meditation. This also clearly indicates the divine power that was awarded to him by the Allah from his boyhood, whereby even the animals would listen to him. On many occasions, Baba Bhandari did fasting through out the year. During the later part of the night he used to go to the mosque for performing his prayers. At the age of 23, Baba Bhandari got married but his attention could not be diverted to the worldly affairs. As the time went by, he got more involved in exploring mysteries of Allah's creation and devoted in creating illustrious examples, which could benefit the humanity. Baba Bhandari roamed extensively through dense forests of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Sitakund, and Deyanghills and also along the beach of the Bay of Bengal at Kumira and Fauzdarhat in Chittagong. He silently noticed and mixed with silent nature and attained union with the Divine illumination. He developed unimpeachable character and transcended the lure of this world. Thus the stream of nectar of his spiritual attainment showered blessings upon humanity irrespective of creed or cast. Like in the case of Hazrat Kebla Kaba, the description of Baba Bhandari's 'karamat' appears to be never-ending. All these Karamats were geared towards the well being of human race and to guide the people in the path of welfare. Many people were and are still being blessed by his spiritual power and overcome many of their miseries in life and many got divine blessings by merely coming in association with him. At the age of 71 years and six months, Baba Bhandari left this world on 5th of April, 1937, corresponding to 22nd Chaitra of 1343 Bengali Calendar Year. Countless devotees observe this day as a mark of respect to this majestic saint.

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Maizbhandari order in present day world

Now is the age of information technology. People of the world have now become the habitants of a global village. The tradtional thoughts are being changed rapidly with the free flow of information. Superstition, wrong concepts and misinterpretations are being rapidly replaced by pure knowledge and unifying values of humanity. The narrow, dogmatic and parochial values have been replaced by globalisation process.

Baba Mainuddin preaches that Maizbhandari devotees should uphold spirit of universal brotherhood and love, strong belief in monotheism and spiritual guide.

As Quran says "Those who believe and those who follow the Jewish , and the Christians and the Sabians- any who believe in Allah and the last day, and work righteousnessm shall have their reward with their Lord , on them shall be no fear , nor shall they grieve."

So Baba Mainuddin wants his disciples to be tolerant to others opinion and way of life. A Maizbhandari has the task before him for the betterment of all human kind by discarding jealousy and hatred.

It is evident from the history of civilisation that mankind is very much influenced by the value created by religious practices. Unfortunately there are people in every religion who are misinterpretating the real messages of holy scriptures and misusing the relgious belief and values as weapons for creating conflicts and chaos to realise pure materialistic and interest of vested groups. Unfortunately again although people are vastly aware of the misinterpretation of religion but they cannot get rid of the conspiracy because of their blindfolded dedication and less awareness about the essence of religion. No religion ever allowed unnecessary clash and conflicts for the sake of religion itself.

Baba Mainuddin says the essence of Islam is humanity, brotherhood, tolerance and equal rights which could be portrayed only through true love for Allah and that can only be achieved by loving the positively of the whole creation.

The intellect of the people is becoming sharper and dynamic with increased exchange of the ideas and information with each other. So Baba Mainuddin directs his devotees to proceed with lovism of Maizbhandari in a befitting way of demand of time.

Maizbhandari believes that the path of Allah and his prophets is based on truth and justice and followers of this path can not indulge themselves in the self destruction. Baba Mainuddin upholds the modern ourloook of human rights protection upholding the vaalues and teachings of Prophet Muhammad . He prefers to preach explanations of theology on the basis of science.

As Baba Mainuddin says "The main target of the Maizbhandari followers is to create a holy love within by making compnionship with friends of Allah ( Wali Allah). Allah has directed in the holy Quran to make companioship with His friends. Porphet Muahmmad (SM) in Hadis E Kudsi said whoever in audience with the a wali allah he is in audience with me.

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Verses of the Quran
The day whereon everybody will be called with their respective leader.

Sura Bani-Israel 17:71

Verily the mercy of Allah is with the friends of Allah."

Sura Al-Araf 07:56

Sayings of the Holy Prophet
Allah said,'Whoever comes against one of My saints, I will declare war against him.'"
"Allah's saints are under his domes. No one knows them except Him."


Holy Speeches
Hazrat Muhammad put on his two caps of Belayet one on my head & another cap on my elder brother Gausul Azam Hazrat Syed Abdul Kader Jilani(R)."

Be converted into the soul of angel."

Hazrat Gausul Azam Ahmadullah Shah (R)

Holy Speeches
I am folded with the characteristics of Allah generous like nature; so I keep myself Silent."

Hazrat Gausul Azam Gulamur Rahman Bababhandari (R)

Holy Speeches
Make your heart fresh with the remembrance of Allah."

Hazrat Baba Mainuddin Al-Hasani(M.J.A)