1. Monthly Milad Mahfil program done on every 1st of every English month at Binodpur Khanka Sharif of Munshigong District Bangladesh.

2. Monthly Milad Mahfil program done on every 2nd of every English month at Kaligong Khanka Sharif of Gazipur District Bangladesh.

3. Monthly Milad Mahfil program done on every 3rd, 4th & 5th of every English month at Central Khanka Sharif 82,Shah Ali Bag Mirpur-1,Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.

4. Monthly Milad Mahfil program done on every 7th of every English month at District Khanka Sharif (In front of rice research institude) Gazipur Bangladesh.

5. Monthly Milad Mahfil program done on every 8th of every English month at Gorjonkhola Khanka Sharif, District Comillah Bangladesh.

6.Monthly Milad Mahfil program done on every 10th day of every English month at Maizbhandar Manjil, Mokbul Sowdagor Lane, Kapasgola Chittagong Khanka Sharif ,Chittagong Bangladesh.

7.Monthly Milad Mahfil program done on every last Thursday of every English month at Gausia Rahman Manjil, Maizbhandar Darbar Sharif, Fatikchari, Chittagong Bangladesh.

Verses of the Quran
"Undoubtedly he attained to his goal,who purifies it (soul) and he failed who covered it in sin or corrupts it."

– Sura Shams 91:09-10

"Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching."

–Sura Al-Nahl 16:125

Sayings of the Holy Prophet
"The best Jihad is the one who strives against his own self for Allah, The Mighty and Majestic."

– Al Hadith

"Allah's saints are under his domes. No one knows them except Him."

– Hadith-E-Qudsi

"Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave."

– Al Hadith

Holy Speeches
"Hazrat Muhammad put on his two caps of Belayet one on my head & another cap on my elder brother Gausul Azam Hazrat Syed Abdul Kader Jilani(R)."

"Select food like the pigeon. Do not eat the forbidden food. Praise Allah along with your children.

"Be converted into the soul of angel."

–Hazrat Gausul Azam Shah Ahmadullah (R)

Holy Speeches
" A leaf never becomes a leaf of gold, but a leaf can be converted to a leaf of gold by the order of the Wali Allah (Friends of Allah)"

"I am folded with the characteristics of Allah generous like nature; so I keep myself Silent."

– Hazrat Gausul Azam Gulamur Rahman Bababhandari(R)

Holy Speeches
"Love for holy Prophet is the greatest wealth. It is only way of salvation in this world and the hereafter."

– Hazrat Syed Abul Bashar (R)

Holy Speeches
"Your friend is your needs answered.He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving.And he is your board and your fireside. For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace."

– Khalil Gibran (R)

Holy Speeches
" Holy love (Allah) and Mohammad were Chained in the same thread"

"The love of Allah is like a hill. The lovers are the shadow of the hill. If that shadow remains at distance too, you should be under that shadow."

– Maulana Rumi (R)

Holy Speeches
"The first recognized is Dhat (Essence) and the second recognized are sifat (activities & qualities). You first perceive the dhat (Essence) of Zayd and then his sifat (activities & qualities) like his knowledge, intelligence, etc."

" Within you there are certain items: (1) Body (2) mind (3) Ruh (soul) (4) Sirr (secret) (5) Nur (light) (6) Reality (the Absolute Dhat)."

– Baba Mainuddin (M.J.A)