Hazrat Gausul Azam Maizbhandari Shah Sufi Moulana Syed Ahmadullah (Hazrat Kebla Kaba):

Shah Sufi Syed Ahmadullah Maizbhandari was the founder of the Maizbhandari Order and was a very Majestic Saint.Hazrat Kebla Kaba was born on 15th January, 1826; corresponding to 1st Magh of 1313 Bangla Calendar Year.Five Hundred and Eighty Six years before his birth,a renowned religious scholar and spiritual leader Hazrat Mohiuddin Ibn Arabi predicted the birth of Hazrat Kebla Kaba.

He also predicted that the whole world would be enlightened by the knowledge and spiritual power of Hazrat Kebla Kaba.

Soon after the birth of Hazrat Kebla Kaba, his father was directed by the Prophet (SM) to name his son as 'Ahmed Ullah'. Upon completion of secondary education in Chittagong, Hazrat Kebla Kaba joined Calcutta Alia Madrasha in India for his higher studies in Islamic religion and philosophy.

Throughout his academic life, Hazrat Kebla Kaba demonstrated his utmost brilliance and unique ability, which could not be achieved without the highest level of spiritual competence bestowed by Allah himself.

Upon completion of his studies, Hazrat Kebla Kaba took up the job of Jessore District Judge but a year later; he resigned at his own will. He then accepted a teaching position in a religious college in Calcutta. Along with this assignment, Hazrat Kebla Kaba engaged himself preaching the teachings of Islam among the people, and addressing public in religious gatherings.

During his stay in Calcutta, Hazrat Kebla Kaba came with the close connection of two great religious scholars and high-powered spiritual personalities Shah Sufi Hazrat Abu Shahama Muhammad Saleh Al-Quaderi Lahori and Kutubul Aktab Shah Sufi Hazrat Delwar Ali Pakbaz.

Hazrat Kebla Kaba got blessings from these two towering personalities and broadened his spiritual domain for the well being of the whole world. Since then, his concentration in religious and spiritual activities has increased tremendously.

He devoted most of his time in the meditation of Allah. After few years of staying in Calcutta, Hazrat Kebla Kaba came back home. At the age of 32, Hazrat got married, but even after his marriage, instead of devoting in worldly affairs, he concentrated more on Allah's meditation.

Through this meditation he used to grasp the mystery of Almighty's creation and tried to understand the true sense and spirit of humanity. Over the time, the issue of Hazrat Kebla Kaba's spiritual endowment had been gradually known among the people at home and abroad.

Even before he saw the person, Hazrat Kebla Kaba could tell his/her desire. In fact, through the eye contact with him, many people achieved the highest level of spiritual power. There are numerous instances, which can illustrate the great spiritual strengths of Hazrat Kebla Kaba.

Through these events, (in the Sufi Language such mysterious events are termed as "Karamat") perhaps, the Allah, Himself wanted to make the spiritual power and attainment of Hazrat Kebla Kaba public for the greater well-being of the entire universe.

Only few "Karamats" are being documented, but many of them are not even known. He saved people from various miseries, showed the path of Allah, and blessed many with his magnanimous spiritual power. Hazrat Kebla Kaba never opted for any worldly gain or fame.

On the contrary, throughout his life he directed all his activities for guiding the people in the right path and ensuring a continuous betterment of humanity. That's why people from every sphere of the society spontaneously used to come for his blessings.

Dedicating his life for the cause of Allah and humanity, as per the desire of Allah, Hazrat Kebla Kaba left this world on 23rd January, 1906, corresponding to 10th Magh of 1313 of Bengali Calendar Year. Countless devotees gather on this day every year in Maizbhandar Sharif to rejuvenate their minds and seek blessings of Allah.

Verses of the Quran
"The day whereon everybody will be called with their respective leader."

Sura Bani-Israel 17:71

"Verily the mercy of Allah is with the friends of Allah."

Sura Al-Araf 07:56

Sayings of the Holy Prophet
"Allah said,'Whoever comes against one of My saints, I will declare war against him.'"
"Allah's saints are under his domes. No one knows them except Him."


Holy Speeches
"Hazrat Muhammad put on his two caps of Belayet one on my head & another cap on my elder brother Gausul Azam Hazrat Syed Abdul Kader Jilani(R)."

"Select food like the pigeon. Do not eat the forbidden food. Praise Allah along with your children.

"Be converted into the soul of angel."

Hazrat Gausul Azam Ahmadullah Shah (R)

Holy Speeches
" A leaf never becomes a leaf of gold, but a leaf can be converted to a leaf of gold by the order of the Wali Allah (Friends of Allah)" "I am folded with the characteristics of Allah generous like nature; so I keep myself Silent."

Hazrat Gausul Azam Gulamur Rahman Bababhandari (R)

Holy Speeches
"The first recognized is Dhat (Essence) and the second recognized are sifat (activities & qualities). You first perceive the dhat (Essence) of Zayd and then his sifat (activities & qualities) like his knowledge, intelligence, etc." "If Eid-E-Miladunnabi is observed under the leadership of Government, all kinds of crisis will disapper from the state." " Make your heart fresh with the remembrance of Allah."

Hazrat Baba Mainuddin Al-Hasani(M.J.A)